Is Balkan music gypsy?


The question I asked in the title is not random. I love Gypsy influence on music, especially Balkan. This music is different, more spontaneous and comes from pure heart. Artists like: Fanfare Ciocarlia, Boban& Marko Marković, Esma Rezepova or Taraf de Haidouk proves that!

Today I was listening a lot of Balkan music ( as always) and I discovered one thing: the most popular Balkan songs (mostly Balkan Brass songs) are sung in Romani. Really! Goran Bregovic’s songs like: Bubamara, Kalasnikov,Caje Sukarije, Chupchik and many more are sung in Romani. (Goran made a cover of Esma’s ,,Caje Sukraije”, that why the lyrics are sung in Gypsy language.) Unbelievable! I am so excited about that because I had no idea. Every day people learn something new and that is the one of many positive aspects of life.

This day I am inspired by Kocani Orkestar, Goran Bregović and Esma Redzepova ( Macedonian queen of Gypsy songs)

( Can you hear the sound of Darbuka? Amazing!)

I like also Beirut’s version

Have a nice evening:)





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