Neo- Medieval music. Is it too old for a modern world?

Hi 🙂

I am listening to Medieval music the whole day and I am wondering: What kind of people do listen to this music? Strange? Old  fashion? Boring?hmmm…. I think it’s very interesting case to discuss.

I remember the situation when I was running a music lesson in High School ( teaching practice). When I came in the Classroom and see all this 13 years old kids dressed very fashionable: Air Max, Creepers, Full Caps and stuffs like that….ohhh and the most important attributes of modern teenager: SMARTPHONE, I PHONE etc., the thougths in my head was like: Oh my sweet God..they surely listen to Justin Bieber, 30 Second To Mars and Asking Aleksandria, no doubt!

The Teacher asked me: What kind of music do you like? I said: So, Balkan music especially Traditional Serbian music, Balkan brass, Turbo Folk, Manele and  Pagan Folk, Medieval music, Polish Traditional music etc. She said: Seriously? That’s great!! Tell them something about this.

What? Tell the teenagers about medieval music in the times of Nicki Minaj and YT? I don’t think so!  They will laught at me. !!!!!

So I start with the words: Do you know  Goran Bregovic and Kayah ( Polish singer ) duo ? They made a CD Together…. and they said: Oh yes ,,Prawy do Lewego”  great song! ….And the rest of lesson ran perfect. They were interested in what I was talking about  and asked a questions. Really! So even 13 years old kids can understand the real side of music.

This positive attitude to that kind of music is rare, because people who listen to this sounds are perceived as old fashion mad people who aren’t modern. What’s more important, most people think that each Medieval  lyrics are about religious and God. No they aren’t, the Troubadours sang about everything! Don’t let the stereotypes lead our life, becouse we have much to loose!

Good night everybody, stay tuned and chilled:)

Some music for today:

( Kaba Gaida – Bulgarian bag pipe…the sound of heaven!)



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