Gypsy music and the spirit of Papusza


Today I watched Polish film ,,Papusza” about the first  Gypsy Poet- Bronisława Wajs ( 1910-1987) called Papusza ( in Romani it means Doll),  who wrote all her poetry in Romani language. Her poetry was translated into Polish language and published in many cultural magazines, than into many European languages. This  film and beautiful Romani language inspired me to find some Polish Gypsy music, instead of that I discovered an awesome, wonderfull Hungarian Gypsy band – Rományi Rota.

I love this pure sound and very melodic way of singing. I feel this vibe in  each part of my body …. I just want to dance, I can’t stand without making a  dance moves to this music. I am filled with so positive energy and I am happy 🙂  The greatest discovery of a year, I think.

I started to read the Poetry of Papusha and it’s so pure and clean. There’s no difficult meaning, no hard words, just poetic simplicity. Truly, I recommend that to you.



Rományi Rota:


Stay tuned and feel good like I do:)



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