Dom za vesanje- Reflections


The day before yesterday I watched one of Emir Kusturica’s films ,,Time of the Gypsies ” ( Dom za vesanje). This wasn’t my first time because I watched Kusturica’s fims many times and I could say: There is nothing special in Time of the Gypsies, because each of his films are special and briliant but  doubtless, this film is unique because of the plot  full of drama and sadness. The greatest balkan director – E. Kusturica has accustomed me to magic and surrealistic scenes. He has accustomed me to poverty and gypsies.


But first of all….

He has accustomed me to MUSIC. It’s the most unnusual thing and matches to his crazy scenes and plot. Soundtracks are crazy and filled with balkan spirit.  Songs made by Goran Bregović, Boban & Marko Marković, Stribor Kusturica etc. makes a special atmosphere.

Since I have watched a movie, I listen  to Ederlezi Avela made by Goran Bregović.  My personal dream is making a party with my friends and dancing to this song drinking Vodka or Rakija just like Perhan but instead of being sad like him, be happy.



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